Our digital onboarding services range from facial recognition to proof of residence authentication. Our services, which can be customised to suit the client's unique requirements, not only ensure less time spent on the onboarding process but dramatically reduce the risk of fraud.

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Our mortgage solutions, primarily developed for financial services and the attorney fraternity, offer the user an efficient platform to interact digitally, saving time and streamlining processes within the mortgage sector.

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We offer various workflow solutions to the conveyancing fraternity assisting both financial services and the attorney.

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Credit Collections

Our credit products vary regarding functionality, from a workflow application that manages the consumer administration process, to providing an information portal that uplifts court documents.

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Our compliance products address various compliance requirements across the legal, data and credit industries, offering clients solutions that address their unique needs.

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Our data solutions offer clients the ability to perform a vast range of data searches, as well as supply clients with information that is accurate and received timelessly.

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