e4 Support is a dedicated help desk assisting e4 clients with system application issues and errors. The dedicated team is available telephonically and on email week days from 8:00am - 17:00pm.

The team offers assistance for multiple applications within the e4 stable and prides themselves on being helpful and efficient at all times. Should an agent not be available to attend to your call, one of our agents will always call you back.

To contact the e4 Support Centre please dial 086 877877.


e4 embarked on a new venture in August 2014, to improve the training offered to clients. This resulted in the creation of e4 Academy, offering relevant means of training through software, essential in today's business landscape.

The goal was to assist clients to reduce training costs while still providing an enhanced solution, pertinent to all markets.

e4 Academy offers training in the comfort of your own office, through a simple enrolment online. The use of webinar training sessions instantly reduces travel time and all associated costs. By logging into the online repository users will now have access to more than 400 PDF guides and videos which are accessible 24 hours a day.

All products include interactive assistance, allowing any user the opportunity to utilise online assistance while completing a "live" task. This ensures compliance as required by the banking institutions, regulated via e4 Academy.

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A critical support service to clients across the majority of e4 solutions. To access any of the solutions users need to be properly identified and authenticated. This can comprise of a variety of options including a standard digital certificate.

e4 has operated a full public key infrastructure or PKI since the inception of the business and has more than of 12,000 active users. There are dedicated teams to issue, renew and manage digital certificates as well as other access management options. Various administration tasks relating to on-boarding users, the management of roles and certain ancillary technology or hardware issues are also addressed.


e4 regularly provides professional services to its corporate and financial services clients. This is done by assigning a project team to work with clients to customise a solution or to develop further enhancements to an existing solution. Typically, an agile methodology will be followed, with two week sprints and releases, to ensure that continuous progress is made.

Full project teams consist of analytical, development, quality assurance, training and implementation personnel.

These teams are focused on enabling clients to build a software-as-a-service solution.


As a support service, e4 has a dedicated risk and compliance team, which ensures that there is sufficient focus on overall risk management for the business and its clients.Generally this area is overseen by two board sub-committees, namely the Information Security Steering Committee and the IT Governance Committee. e4 is also applying to become accredited against a globally recognised information security standard.