E4 Academy

The leading "e4 Academy" offers its clients various training options such as short solution videos, interactive videos, PDF quick guides and most importantly online webinars for more advanced training. These online training solutions give clients unlimited access to all training content at any time for unlimited users. Online training via the webinars is done by our specialist training team.

Client users can also access all content from the comfort of their offices, without the need to travel. To complement this, e4 also offers monthly training information sessions in person around the country (as required).

Access all training material or book for online training via e4 Academy.


e4 Academy focuses on providing a comprehensive and current e-learning solution utilising a modern online environment.


  • Dynamic online sessions, fully adaptable to the requirements of the client
  • Training from the comfort of your office via online webinars and interactive videos
  • Multiple locations support as users can connect to unlimited hosted sessions regardless of location
  • Travelling and lodging costs are nullified
  • Q&A available via a user-friendly chatting console
  • Trainers are able to monitor concentration levels via software
  • "Raise hands" are automatically sensed by the software
  • Access training material via our comprehensive online library focused on versatility
  • Monitor schedules of webinar training sessions via the e4 Academy website
  • Registration at your own convenience

Target Market

  • All clients
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