Digital Certificate Documents

Subscriber downloads
Introduction to digital certificates at e4
LAWtrust Certificate Policy
LAWtrust Certification Practice Statement
Registration Authority Charter
Certificate Administrator Agreement
Digital Certificate Application and Subscriber Agreement
Digital Certificate Renewal Form
Solutions Agreement

To apply to be issued with or "renew" a digital certificate, please print, complete, sign and send back to the Digital Certificate Application and Subscriber Agreement. Please also ensure a copy of the applicant’s identity document, passport, or drivers licence is also submitted with the application. Should you have any queries please contact our Support Centre : 0860-877-877.

Stordoc Signup Documents

For a law firm to sign:
AI Agreement Part 1 - AI Details
AI Agreement Part 2 - AI Standard Trading Terms

For an attorney user to sign:
Registration Form to become a Consultant
Consultant Agreement Part 1 - Consultant Details
Consultant Agreement Part 2 - Consultant Std Trading Terms
Digital certificate application and subscriber agreement